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Auto Installer Deluxe 4.53 Download !FREE! Torrent


Thanks too. Been looking for a recent AID4.53 full download as the only copy I have of it is on disc. No idea where the original is now and I've been using the more easily found Lite version which is missing things like the full Addon Packs set you only found with the full version.

Have to mention that the two part download linked to has been incorrectly packed. The 1.66GB file 7Zip file marked as "01" ie. part 1 "001" is OK but the second 300MB part saves as a standard Zip file: "Archive-240a", not a 7Zip. The actual part 2 "002" 7Zip file is inside the Zip file and has to be extract first. Then with both the 7Zip files "001" and "002" together they will correctly extract as intended to one AID v4.53 folder.

Apart from having to extract the two Zip.001 and Zip.002 archives from the download folders there's nothing much to go wrong. Just put those two parts into a folder and use your preferred unpacking tool again (7Zip recommended) and extract to an AID v4.53 named folder.

But in the AID installation I have on that particular Xbox I couldn't find the flashing menu. I looked at the config.xml and there's a whole load of stuff for copying BIOS to C, E, F etc but no actual flashing tool. The AID download I used (not from here) and the accompanying version info shown it just as v4.53 but not Lite.

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