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Better Call Saul Saison 2 FRENCH HDTV |VERIFIED|

Kim officially resigns from HHM. Soon after, she called Mesa Verde to set up a meeting which she tells Jimmy, in their new office space, that she "kicked ass." HHM sets up one final meeting with Mesa Verde, in which Chuck attends. He argues that Kim is the better and obvious choice, but that the work is too much for her alone. After the meeting, he collapses in Howard's arms due to his exposure to light. Meanwhile, Jimmy and his crew shoot a commercial at a military base. When Jimmy returns to the office, he learns that Kim has lost Mesa Verde to Chuck. When Jimmy visits Chuck that night, Chuck is in bad condition. Jimmy takes advantage of this and spends the night at a print shop, changing Chuck's Mesa Verde documents. Mike spends his day observing the Regalo Helado ice cream truck driven by Ximenez Lecerda. Later that evening he, with a little help from Kaylee, takes a garden hose and makes holes in it, then, when Kaylee is gone, he puts some iron nails in those holes. ("Fifi")

Better Call Saul Saison 2 FRENCH HDTV


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