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Buy Quilting Fabric Online

Every quilter approaches a new project a little differently. That's why we've arranged our online quilt store so you can shop the way that works best for you. When shopping for fabrics online, you can sort by fabric designer, collection, manufacturer, theme or fabric color. Whether you have an idea when you come here or you're looking for inspiration, Fat Quarter Shop can help guide you to your next amazing project with our incredible selection of fabrics online.

buy quilting fabric online

Fat Quarter Shop is proud of the community we've built. Quilters come to us for the quilting fabric and stay for the quilt patterns, helpful videos and blog articles. We're confident that you'll find the makings for the next breathtaking quilt you've yet to create within our extensive selection of fabrics online.

Avid quilter, Kimberly Jolly, started Fat Quarter Shop as a side business in 2003. Little did she suspect that her in-home, weekend-and-evening job would bloom and grow. These days, with husband Kevin by her side, Kimberly and a growing team of dedicated workers continue to deliver top-notch fabrics online and provide outstanding service for every customer. As we branch out with an ever-expanding fabric selection, exclusive kits, quilt clubs, BOMs, cross stitch and more, Kimberly's passion continues to fuel the business and provide customers with plenty of reasons to come back to Fat Quarter Shop time and time again!

Thanks for such a wonderful, thorough fabric store list! I live in a place where there's not much to choose from, and I would much prefer to order from a small shop than from Joann, etc. I book-marked each site you recommended. :) Thanks again!

Fabric Shack of Waynesville, Ohio. Recently went to online only thanks to the pandemic. 20,000 bolts. Great customer service. 150 miles away and to us it was worth the trip to go down individually.. We used to stop on our bus tour on the way to Paducah every year. One year I ordered fabric and made a blouse beforehand. When I wore it on the way down the clerk who cut the fabric recognized me by it. I had also ordered some fabric to be picked up in person that day.

One super fun way to buy fabric for quilting is in a precut variety pack! Precut fabrics are often sold in a collection where all the fabrics are designed to coordinate and look good together. It definitely makes fabric shopping easier, especially if you want to ensure all the fabrics will match well when sewn together into a quilt!

Finding gorgeous quality quilting fabrics at a great price is getting harder. We work with high-end manufacturers to obtain fantastic deals and pass the savings on to you, so you can have the fabrics you love most without breaking the bank.

I have placed a number of fabric orders in the past few weeks to make masks for the Children's Hospital at University of Virginia. My brother is a physician there. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt service, great quality, and excellent prices! You have been a pleasure to deal with. I shall recommend your site to everyone!

Finding the right fabric for quilters is like discovering a new species for scientists. It gives quilters a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And all works of quilting art are products of accomplishment and purpose.

This modern, 100% cotton craft and apparel fabric online retailer has an impressive collection of Liberty, Free Spirit, Alexander Henry, Moda, and Art Gallery, as well as Sevenberry, Yuwa, Sun Prints, and Cosmo Textile Japanese prints.

This 16-year-old, New York City brick and mortar store and the company website offer quilters a gorgeous collection of Purl Soho fabrics and yarns, as well as their online collection of Purl Bee fabrics online. is your one-stop shop for any type of fabric you may need for different projects. They sell designer quilting cotton and sell apparel fabric, home decor fabrics, utility materials, and even yarn and notions.

What started as a small one building company is now an entire downtown of small-town Hamilton, MO. They sell fabric worldwide from their website, and people from all over the world come to visit their brick and mortar stores.

You can also have your designs printed on a variety of different types of fabric. The price may be a bit more than you would regularly pay for yardage, but this is an entirely custom experience and is quite fun to go through the designing and ordering process.

The sites that we have listed here are a great starting point for finding quality fabric. I would suggest looking at reviews of the fabrics and the company you are thinking about purchasing from. Ask around and see if any of your quilting friends have purchased from them.

I buy my Fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I live in Alberta, Canada and shipping is fast and dependable. They have a huge selection of fabrics as well as fat quarters, jelly rolls, 5 and 10 inch squares, and many others. There is great customer service as well. I give them an enthusiastic thumbs up ??! Check them out! Cheers, Andrea

I used to get my fabric from It no longer exist. Amazon took it over and now I can not find the fabric I had in mind to finish my quilt project through Amazon. I will look for my fabric some where else. Thank you for the list.

There might be affiliate links on some of the pages of this site, which means we could earn a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase.

Old South Fabrics is an online quilting store located in Cleveland, Tennessee. We specialize in selling top of the line Moda fabrics, Moda pre-cuts, Moda quilt kits and unique patterns from world-class fabric designers such as Robin Pickens, Corey Yoder, Jen Kingwell, Laura Muir, Debbie Maddy, Lella Boutique, 3 Sisters, Zen Chic, Holly Taylor, Kate Spain, Bonnie & Camille, French General, and Fig Tree & Co. We also sell fabrics by Tilda, Free Spirit, and Art Gallery Fabrics. From beginners to experts, we have a wide assortment of superior quilt fabric and patterns to meet your quilting and sewing needs.

I agree on all points. You definitely want to properly collect and remit sales tax and retail has already shifted significantly in all sectors, including quilting, and that will only continue. I do have faith that excellent local shops will survive.

I am also thinking about opening a shop, I live in a small community and just recently our fabric store closed down not because of lack of business it was intertwined with a hardware store and they just decided to close the door. I am interested in did you open you shop and how did you get it started?

Marianne, I am considering opening a shop in a small town. The closest location to purchase fabric is 45 minutes away. Do you have any information on opening a shop. This article was the first one that I saw that was helpful.

I work in the fashion industry and specialize in apparel design, development, and mass production. I am used to purchasing wholesale fabric by the roll at 50-100 yards per roll. My biggest hesitation before starting my Etsy shop as a side project was how do I buy small quantities of wholesale fabric? Fast forward to about 6 months ago, I discovered most of these companies and was blown away by the fact that I could order 15 yard BOLTS at a reasonable per yard price. I had no idea and I have been in the fashion industry for over 12 years, sewing for myself for over 28!

If you have been happily surprised by a new fabric shop discovery, or if you see one of your long-time favorite stores, tell us about it in the comments section! I'd love to hear what you're buying and making from these great online venues.

Steel City Stitches has thousands of fabrics, some hard to find and retired fabrics. Lots of new fabrics found in quilt shops by Timeless Treasures, Benartex, Elizabeths Studio, Henry Glass, and others.

Country Rose Quilting in Canada is a small online shop with free returns and great shipping! Could we be added to the list? We often direct friends and family to your site! In fact we are all fans of your quilts and patterns. Keep up the amazing work????????

Small world. I have not heard of most of these places either and I try to buy as much as I can at my local shop Seven Sisters Quilt shop in Carson City, MI.They have amazing projects/ ideas. Are always ready to help any way they can. Great diversity of fabric! Never will have a better customer experience anywhere!

Wow! This list gave me so many great places to buy fabric. The only change I would make is adding stash builder box. They have a large variety of fabrics and a great subscription box that delivers fabric and materials to your door step every month. They also do a lot of charity projects with the money they make from each purchase. They use 20% of the money to make quilts and blankets for kids in need. I really think everyone should check out this site and subscribe to their box.

Suzy, I am sorry but I understand that China has few conservation laws pertaining to dumping dyes into their rivers. I love fabric and I know much is manufactured there. It just worries and scares me that some of their practices might harm our planet. I am hoping this changes as some of the fabrics from there are beautiful.

This is awesome, thank you. APC Fabrics is a good one too. They have a large selection and offer sustainable and premium-quality fabrics like tencel, modal, bamboo along with other major fibers like linen, cotton & wool

Hi, I am a new Online Quilt Shop owner. Am I reading everything correct, that you are a resource for people to find online shops? If so, what is the cost and how do I get started? Thank you for your time.

I have recently opened up shop and am wondering where I can find unique Jersey fabric designs that are trendy. Especially newer Disney m character fabrics. Does anyone know if a great source or pop up shop on Etsy?

I like, they started out selling yarn as the name suggests but they carry a huge range of fabrics now too, including all the Kona solids and Moda Bella solids. Their online shop is blissfully logical and easy to navigate and search, which is more than I can say for quite a few online fabric shops. 041b061a72

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