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Cisco IOU/IOL Images: How to Download, Add, and License Them on EVE-NG with Cisco IOU

Cisco IOU A Guide to Generate License Keys for Cisco IOU/IOL Images

If you are a network engineer or a student who wants to practice with real Cisco devices, you might have heard of Cisco IOU/IOL. It is a simulator that allows you to run Cisco IOS images on Linux or Unix platforms. It is very useful for learning and testing various network scenarios without having physical devices.

Cisco Iou Keygen.Py

However, Cisco IOU/IOL images are not freely available and require a license key to work properly. This is where Cisco IOU comes in handy. It is a Python script that generates license keys for Cisco IOU/IOL images based on your host ID and host name. In this article, we will show you how to download, add, license, and test Cisco IOU/IOL images on EVE-NG, one of the best network emulators in the market.

How to Download Cisco IOU/IOL Images

Cisco IOU/IOL images are L2/L3 images of switches and routers that have the same features and functions as real devices. They are mainly used for CCIE routing and switching practice, but they can also be used for other purposes.

Since Cisco IOU/IOL images are internal IOS versions, they are only available for Cisco employees or authorized customers. Therefore, you cannot download them from official sources. However, there are some unofficial sources where you can find them legally. For example, you can join some online communities or forums where people share their experiences and resources about network simulation. You can also search for some torrent sites or file-sharing platforms where people upload their own copies of Cisco IOU/IOL images.

Before you download any Cisco IOU/IOL image, make sure that it is compatible with EVE-NG emulator. EVE-NG supports most of the Cisco IOU/IOL images, but some of them might not work properly or cause errors. Here are some of the recommended images for EVE-NG:


EVE Image Name





I86BI_LINUXL2-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M 15.1 (20130726:213425)



L3-ADVENTERPRISEK9_IVS-M-15.3-0.9T.bin dcd2dc6462

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