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Solo reached the remote system where Durron was, and he expressed gratitude at seeing her, saying that he was just about to come looking for her and Rogue Squadron. Solo gratefully put down at his remote base to discuss what he had found, and also explained to Durron that Master Skywalker wished to meet with him. Durron replied that would see the Jedi Master, but wanted Solo's help with something in exchange. He informed her of a massive Yuuzhan Vong vessel being grown in the ruins of Sernpidal, which he described as a planet-destroying weapon. Convinced of the threat, Solo reported the existence of a Yuuzhan Vong gravitic superweapon to her superiors, though she didn't trust Durron, nor did she appreciate his aggressive and manipulative manner. Landing on Chandrila with Durron, she met with Darklighter and Antilles to explain the threat. Antilles was not pleased to see Durron, but after examining the report for himself, he agreed that action was needed and contacted Admiral Kre'fey.[71]

Plaine Jane 2,0 Base Outfit.rar


Jaina Solo returned to a temporary Jedi base on Shedu Maad, where she was re-united with her parents and Jedi comrades. There, in a meeting with the Masters' Council where her parents and Jagged Fel were also present, she proposed that she go after Caedus to bring him down. To her surprise, the Masters relented after making sure she was willing to kill Caedus and that her actions were motivated by a sense of need and justice, not vengeance. For his part, Luke Skywalker explained that he could not hunt down Caedus himself, though he wanted to, as he would all-too-easily be carried away by his personal desire for vengeance for the death of his wife. Instead, Skywalker was seeing into Caedus's visions so that the Sith Lord saw Skywalker as the lone impediment to his achievements. Furthermore, Han and Leia agreed to accompany Solo to Coruscant on a mission to pursue Caedus, along with Ben Skywalker.[88] 041b061a72

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