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Physiology Of Domestic Animals Sjaastad Hove And Sand Pdf 51


Physiology Of Domestic Animals Sjaastad Hove And Sand Pdf 51

The most important part of the etiology of OCD is probably the calcifying cartilage due to juvenile arthritis is recognized as a precursor lesion of osteochondrosis in equine and human animals. Also, there is a wide range of secondary factors that can be considered as triggering diseases. The key distinction of OCD in human medicine is the presence of a worldwide increase in metabolic diseases, such as hypothyroidism, as well as the arterial hypertension. The body weight increases, as well the body fat percentage and there is an increase in the blood pressure related to the body mass. The obese patients are more subject to metabolic, oxidative and inflammatory diseases and adverse effects on the joints [21-24]. Moreover, the use of atypical biological drugs also raises significant concern for the equine athlete. Cartilage canals are prone to rupture through a number of causes, like, exposure to over-stressing, especially equine athletes with OCD. A tight and specific cartilage may colleses and a cancellous bone may form under the surface of the joint in the adult horse. These cancellous bones are maintained in a loose, non-attached status, until traumatic forces create conditions suitable for bone remodelling and growth. As time elapses, the area of loose cancellous bone will decrease, making the joint area more packed and stabilized. It is believed that some subjects of OCD develop an unstable joint that may bone migrate and cause further damage. In this case, the owner must be informed that an equine athlete may lose its ability to work because of the injury. In a view of the increasing of obese subjects, it is also important to emphasize the importance of the control of the body weight in horses. A depression in the activity of the rider has been considered as one of the possible causes of OCD since several years. This fact will particularly exacerbate the risk of an increased body weight of the animal, which will result in a further increase in the adjacent bone mass, which will be more prone to move and therefore aggravated the symptoms of OCD. d2c66b5586

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