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Style A To Zoe: The Art Of Fashion, Beauty, E...

Zoe founded a free daily newsletter called The Zoe Report in August 2009, which later grew into a lifestyle brand.[27] The newsletter featured items that Zoe was coveting in the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle, and had over 750,000 subscribers.[28] In 2011, Zoe launched Zoe Beautiful focused on all things beauty.[29] The Zoe Report was acquired by Bustle Digital Group in 2019.[30]

Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, E...

In 2015 The Zoe Report launched Box of Style, a service that delivers a selection of Zoe-approved goods to subscribers' doorsteps four times a year.[31] Consumers may purchase a single box for $100 or pay $350 for an annual subscription. Subscribers receive items valued at over $300 quarterly each year, including one "hero" item that retails for over $100. This special piece is revealed in advance, but all other items (which may include clothing, beauty, accessories, home or lifestyle items) are a surprise.[32]

In August of 2009, Zoe founded The Zoe Report, a free daily newspaper featuring items from the beauty, lifestyle, and fashion worlds. Later, the paper launched what it called Box of Style, a service that delivers goods approved by Zoe to the doorsteps of subscribers. Consumers have the option of buying a single box or paying a greater amount for an annual subscription. In 2019, The Zoe Report was purchased by Bustle Digital Group.

"I enjoy getting Le Tote...more than some of the others that never seemed to read my style profile. You are "renting" clothes and if you buy them then, of course, they're used but I've never had an issue with the quality of an item. I also enjoy that I can pick out my own selections. They do have limited quantities so sometimes what I want is not available but I've always found something else to try and sometimes it's out of my comfort zone, which is good!" - Amy R

Zoe Sugg runs a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog and has nearly 10 million followers on Instagram. She also has an incredibly successful YouTube channel and has written best-selling books on the experience of viral bloggers. Her feed consists mostly of food, her pug, selfies, and trendy outfits.

Dear Rachel, I love your site so much! It's super informative and helpful and I'm so eager to learn more about those style types. I hope that there will be a quiz to find out your style type...? :) That would be amazing!!!

Glad it was helpful! Hm that's interesting about Alba, I hadn't considered Ingenue for her. I would think that an RIC would look great with short curly hairstyles, given that R and I look great in curls? To me, curls can make Jessica look a bit masculine. It seems she looks most harmonious in straight hair or slightly wavy hair, which might be more suitable for someone with R and at least one masculine essence... just a thought! Always fun to see people's different perspectives on types :) 041b061a72

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