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The usage of liquid nitrogen is one method to obtain skid-proof surface on steel. Freeze thin, scratch-resistant surface layer by blasting with nitrogen gas and then by grinding to hollow the surface. This method can even be applied to pipeline or other large structures at economical cost. In this study, the skid-resistant surface layer of API 5L X52 steel was produced by vacuum resist welding nitrogen gas and vacuum resist welding N2 gas applied to the edge of hoop, in which nitrogen gas was blasted at front surface of hoop, and then vacuum resist welded. At that time, the segregation of Fe3N was observed on the surface of materials, and nitrogen gas was effectively bonded to the Fe3N layer. The skid-resistant surface layer was formed on the steel hoop at the same time when the thickness of Fe3N layer was about 40-700 µm.

This paper proposes an efficient slag intake system that allows for the continuous and clean intake of molten slag from a melting furnace without interfering with the operation of the furnace. The proposed air blast system is a logical step toward a practical design, as it uses as much of the air already present in the furnace room as possible while avoiding the risks of the use of mechanical devices that may contaminate the furnace The goal is to remove particulate matter from the slag tank by blasting with air without actually removing any slag from the furnace.

The geopolymer technology is a new in situ cement replacement material (CRM) technology that uses alkali slag as a raw material and reacts the alkali slag with water to produce geopolymer. The geopolymer contains various inorganic materials, such as alumina, silica, etc., and forms solid solution CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 (C-A-S) in an alkali environment. This report presents geopolymer binder project for a new construction technique for supporting steel structures in cement concrete production systems. The geopolymer is able to form strong hardened cementitious matrix compared to cement concrete, which can be one of the advantages of geopolymer binder in supporting steel structures in cement concrete. d2c66b5586

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