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Trigun Stampede - Episode 1

Vash lost his left arm when Knives blew it off using a different revolver, after Vash stole Knives' black Angel Arm pistol years earlier. In the manga, Knives cut it off when they were younger with a blade he formed from his own body. He now has a cybernetic replacement, which also conceals an integrated firearm. In both the series and manga, it is initially a powerful semiautomatic pistol that is later upgraded to a fully automatic submachine gun. In the manga, Vash's cybernetic arm is severed during his attempt to escape Monev the Gale, causing him to spent a number of chapters with only one arm until it is replaced with the submachine gun-equipped arm. The anime episodes based on these chapters however leave his arm intact.

Trigun Stampede - Episode 1

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In the series, Vash can be seen using a knife hidden in the toe of his boot in multiple episodes. During his battle with Brilliant Dynamites Neon, he uses an automatic weapon that appears similar to an AK-47 carbine. In the climactic final battle with Knives, he also uses Wolfwood's Cross Punisher.

The original anime first aired back in 1998, with Studio Madhouse animating a total of 26 episodes. It was well-received by Western audiences, some even considering it one of the top 50 anime released in North America during its time. Trigun then briefly returned in the form of a movie titled Trigun: Badlands Rumble in 2010. Ever since its last outing, Trigun Stampede looks to make a memorable comeback for the series.

Trigun Stampede is a 2023 anime series based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow. In June 2022, it was announced the series would be animated by Orange. It aired from January to March 2023.[1] It was directed by Kenji Mutō, with Kōji Tajima serving as concept designer and credited with the character concept.[2][3] Crunchyroll licensed it for a global release.[4] The opening theme is "Tombi" by Kvi Baba, while the ending theme is "Hoshi no Kuzu α" by Salyu and Haruka Nakamura.[5] At end of the 12th episode, it was announced that a "final phase" is in production.[6]

For international viewers, Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series. The episode with English subtitles will be available two and a half hours after it airs in Japan. In the United States, that would be at the following times:

Trigun Stampede is gearing up to lead the wave of new anime coming our way next month as part of the Winter 2023 anime schedule, and the new reboot anime has released a new promo for its very first episode! Yasuhiro Nightow's classic action series is another in a line of classic franchises coming back with new projects in the last few years. But this one is a bit different from many of the other big comebacks as it will be fully rebooting the events of the original series with not only younger takes on the characters, but it will also be an entirely 3D CG animated production.

Directed by Kenji Muto at Studio Orange, with Kouji Tajima handling the character and concept designs, and original series creator Yasuhiro Nightow being closely involved with the production, Trigun Stampede will be making its premiere on January 7th and will be streaming with Crunchyroll as soon as it drops. There's yet to be any word of how many episodes this new series will last, however, but each one will be streaming with the service next year.

What do you think of the first look at Trigun Stampede's first episode? What are you hoping to see in the reboot series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

Vash the Stampede is officially back this week. Trigun Stampede is set to premiere on Saturday January 7th at 8:30 am PST. And to get us as hyped up on love and peace as possible, Crunchyroll release this special sneak peek of a minute and a half long scene English subbed scene from episode one.

The overarching plot of Trigun Stampede has yet to reveal itself, but the stylized escapades that unfold in the first episode point towards an adventure that will balance wacky hijinks with hard-boiled action. Still, these events only preface Vash's greater goal of finding his brother, Millions Knives, who is revealed to have been behind the decimation of their home. As this new series stakes its territory as a complete reimagination of the classic sci-fi cowboy anime, an exciting saga is sure to unfold.

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As one may have guessed by the trailers for Trigun Stampede, the show aims to do the latter. It boasts revised character designs, an expanded adaptation, and a new 3D animation style that is nearly unrecognizable from the original series. Now, having watched the first episode, I can safely say that the show is no longer the same Trigun that me and fans like me fell in love with so many years ago.

Twinfinite was provided with a screener for episode one of Trigun Stampede by Crunchyroll. Trigun Stampede is set to premiere on Crunchyroll on Jan. 7 in Japanese with English subs, while an English Dub will be released at a later date.

And this marks the first episode of this amazing series! Did you enjoy this episode? Trigun Stampede has come a long way, airing for the first time in 1998. Is this your first time watching the anime, or were you already familiar with the Trigun series? Tell us everything! We had a blast watching this first episode, and we hope you did as well. Next Saturday you can tune in here at LAN to read our review of the second episode!

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