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Gay Slave Master Videos


Gay Slave Master Videos

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Get Out by Jordan Peele has been a huge hit with movie goers. Critics emphasize its horror and race aspects, but there's another reason to see Get Out. It brings Hegel's master-slave relationship into focus

But there are nuances. For example, the article shows the painting General George Washington Resigning His Commission, which hangs in the Capitol Rotunda. Of the 31 people portrayed, 19 were enslavers, including Washington. Yet, the painting is also a historical document capturing an important event. How do we balance those two issues

The money masters who control those who want to ban books, ban women\u2019s rights, ban LGBTQ+ rights, ban religions other than their own, are able to convince their followers using the age-old logical argument: \u201CI\u2019m made of rubber, you\u2019re made of glue. Anything you say bounces off me and sticks on you.\u201D So, if you claim Fox News is biased, they claim the Post and Times are biased. If you say their politician is making a statement based on unreliable studies, they say your studies are unreliable. Ideological standoff Not really, because facts can be verified, the reliability of news organizations can be objectively measured, studies can be judged based on who does them, who paid for them, how big the sample was, etc. You know, math and science.

\u201CAs part of a year-long investigation into Congress\u2019s relationship with slavery, The Washington Post analyzed more than 400 artworks in the U.S. Capitol building, from the Crypt to the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda, and found that one-third honor enslavers or Confederates. Another six honor possible enslavers \u2014 people whose slaveholding status is in dispute.\u201D

MY TAKE: The art we display in our government buildings\u2014whether federal, state, or local\u2014has significance beyond chronicling historic events. It also embraces and perpetuates values that represent the people\u2014and the government\u2019s attitude toward the people. That\u2019s why statues and flags representing the Confederacy were so insulting to Black people. Traitors to the Constitution who advocated and celebrated slavery (which included the torture, rape, and murder of those slaves) were being held up as heroes, people to be admired, while Black people had to pass them every day.

We also have to take into consideration other offenses, such as Thomas Jefferson having sex with his slave Sally Hemings. Since a slave had no legal right to refuse sexual advances by her owner, this would certainly be rape. Should we erase Thomas Jefferson from our history\u2019s art Andrew Jackson was a slaver, a censor, and an ethnic cleanser whoo would have wiped Native Americans from the Earth if he could have. Seeing his face on the twenty-dollar bill is an insult to American values.

This is a tricky situation that is also an opportunity. We have to acknowledge that people were products of their times and that many changed (not Jackson). Benjamin Franklin owned slaves, but freed them and then rejected slavery altogether. We can\u2019t deny our history, but we certainly can be selective in what we display and how it is displayed. There\u2019s no place for Confederate soldiers who supported slavery. But we can show art representing our complex founders in context, with appropriate information detailing what they did right and what they did wrong.

This should be a lesson in how America\u2019s ability to evolve\u2014to choose to do good despite the burdens of tradition. To end slavery was a choice. To affirm women\u2019s right to vote was a choice. To educate our children was a choice. To care for our elderly was a choice. These were all choices for a better future, despite a checkered past. That makes me optimistic for what choices we will make next.

First, we have to admit that there might be some contradictions to our decisions. Despite our best intentions, we may not always get it right and have to be willing to re-evaluate as we learn more. Second, we have to acknowledge the bad with the good rather than romanticizing or whitewashing them because it\u2019s easier on us. I don\u2019t think we should ban Picasso\u2019s work, but we should teach the full truth about artists so the viewer can put the work in context. And we should ban works in government sites that glorify genocide, enslavement, treason, and other acts contrary to our values as a country. 59ce067264

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