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Transfers=========- Offers made for other managers are now cancelled when a human adds themselves as manager of a team.- Loan bids now get processed quicker on a transfer deadline day.- Loan transfer windows now only apply to domestic loans.- Extended the January transfer window to 2nd Feb 2009 for some nations as 31st Jan 2009 is on a Saturday.- Players on domestic loans don't get their appearances counted towards the number of clubs allowed to play for in a year.- Cannot offer contract to player dialog box now contains a valid reason when bidding on American Developmental League players.- Transfer rejection option "offer isn't good enough" is no longer available for selection when rejecting an enquiry.- Stopped B/C team managers transfer-listing players owned by the human A team manager.- Players who aren't likely to make it at top clubs are now more interested in moving to good Championship clubs.- More managers now being sacked/moving.- More free agents signed in the transfer window.- Fixed some Illogical hiring of managers due to thier coach reputation- AI Team keeps bidding for same player despite player continually rejecting them- Stopped Young, non-eu players who are recent signings being transfer listed at game start in Spain.- Made it easier to loan out players.- Stopped AI negotiating to fee much less than amount offered.- AI Manager not doing coownership anymore- Made it harder to sign top regen talent due to contract expiry and lack of interest from other clubs.- Stopped players from stating they are not willing to leave due to recent arrival - When in fact he signed 3 years ago.- Stopped low Co-Ownership bids from being accepted incorrectly in Italy.- Toned down the amount of money man city are prepared to spend on non world class players.- Loan rejected with rejecting club wanting a 0 Fee.- Fixed After selling a player who had been out on loan, the User is still getting Match Reports on him.- Fixed team rejecting original offer for a player but after enquiring they will accept less for him.- Ensured human managers face more competition from other clubs outside of the transfer window.- Toned down foreign managers being appointed in France.- Fixed Vacant manager job being shown on Job Security but not on Job Centre.- Fixed loan offers being rejected because 'the club are not looking to loan the player out at the present time' - when the player is loan listed. 153554b96e

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