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db seems to depend on confusing and putting words in people's mouth. when he is really trying to help people and they just do not get it he jumps from one meaning of words to another. i like this book, it is not trader friendly at all. he thinks of trading from someones book, he asks a question and then he offers no further comment and says stop asking questions. he gives a couple of open questions, he answers them and then he throws it in the air and says i dont care what you think. ill give you all the information i see fit. he talks about charts and tapes but doesnt explain charting, he talks about things are trading like a student, this is not how it works. he actually teaches a person to use a tape like a tape recorder shows you how to do things. he is just not very good for educating a person how to trade. the information is somewhat accurate in that it answers all questions about charts and trading.

the book is good, its free and very easy to follow, but it doesnt teach you to trade, it only teaches you that traders are idiots, that its much easier to trade than you may think, if you can read a chart you can do it, of course if your fund managers can read charts, if they have to help you trade, they are not fundamental investors, they are for fun, and if you meet them on the long side, they will show you no randomness even if you are a fundamental investor. This book is just poorly written and lacks all sense of humor. Its the history of the quant, which is not what the title says and not what the book says....

this is a good book look for the stickies on how to trade, i'm currently studying this book, this book is not accurate at all, you will not learn much from this book, if he has learned anything, he has forgotten what he has learned already. this book is not a trader or fundamental investors bible, so if you are a trader, stick with the journals aco something that is easy to learn.

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